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Summary of Question:Re; Sikh Prayer To Remove Black Magic
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Wednesday, 7/29/2009 2:25 AM MDT

Sat Sri Akaal Ji,

i am sorry to have to reply like this, but i would like to share Gursikhi with everyone,
i can not understand why Sikhs believe in Black Magic. when a Sikh puts Full faith, and by full, i mean 100% FAith in Waheguru, no evil can touch that person. Sikhi is a practical religion. and guess what black magic is an impractical load of rubbish. dont waste time chanting mantras in response to a"black magic attack" and begin meditating on Naam, and you will receive absolute protection from all evil. haven't you ever wondered why here is no such thing as exorcism in Sikhi?
there is no such thing as black magic if you believe in WAheguru and KNOW that HE will protect you,
bhool chuck maaf karni,
govind singh
My dear, You are so right. There may be no black magic, as you say. However, there are times, moments when people's projections are very intrusive and negatively projected toward someone. CHIT AVAI OOS PARBRAHM LAGAY NA TATEE VAHO...When your friends turn into enemies, relatives have deserted you, support has given way and all hope is lost.......if you then remember the support of Lord God, even the hot wind shall not touch you. So we do need to "cut" such external negativity and control with our recitation and place the protective shield of the 11 Guru's around us. I use this visualization daily when I recite ARDAS. Wahe Guru God bless you, SK

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Re; Sikh Prayer To Remove Black Magic (07/29/2009)
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