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Summary of Question:Importance Of Turban
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Wednesday, 10/29/2008 1:58 AM MDT

Waheguru Ji ka khalsa

Waheguru Ji ki Fateh

i am just researching on importance of turban and hairs in life
and already had a word with many sevadars and bhai ji at gurudwara

Some say that while meditating (naam japna or doing path) in amrit vela
sometimes with gurus grace our 10th door opens up it is very easy to open the 10th door if anyone does naam simran in amrit vela.
there is some kind of vibration that starts from head and kesh helps to increases that vibration upto hundred times and turban helps that vibration to stay longer in the head as well as in the body..

So basically This is the first reply i found very very different from all others however totally different some say that this bana has been given by our guru so thats why we should comply, some say it is the lifestyle of Kings however the above mentioned reply was completely different i tried to find that sevadar but my unfortunately i couldn't find him again??

"I tried google but couldn't find it"

I can understand this is a very awkward question however i really appreciate if you can help me understand this logic behind vibration and 10th door coz i am preparing a presentation and it will be very helpful for me.

The tenth gate is spoken of in Gurbani........In Sukhmani Sahib:

The Lord placed the soul in the body cave, while the air held the music of life. And he made each one with nine gates...with the tenth, remaining well hidden.

"the tenth door is open to him who truely loves the Gurus' wisdom. And there resounds the Name in myriad forms. It is a treasure that none can imagine. Says Nanak. Oh hear the nectar name and become pure. For the TRUTH is what you were created to hear.

The hair is coiled up on the tenth gate. The coil and turban's pressure on the meridians of the skull recirculate this very precious subtle energy. The turban will protect that spot (it is the soft spot on the newborn baby's head) of the tenth gate and help you maintain the elevated awareness that you have achieved and keep it there when you go about your daily activities.

Let me know what more you find.


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