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Summary of Question:Why Is A Guru Considered A God
Category:The Sikh Gurus
Date Posted:Wednesday, 12/13/2000 3:11 PM MST

Is it all right to refer our sikh gurus as gods. Well, in my opinion I don't think this right. Also, in one the articles posted, you have recommended to a person that this person should recite a shabad of Guru Ram Das. In this shabad it states that Guru Ram Das is so great and the sikhs consider him as a God.

This is contradictory of Sikh befiefs.

Dear one, it is always good to ask, but you must be prepared to look deeply and clearly to the undying unchanging truth that is beyond your day to day life and exists in the realm of the Infinite. In other words, do not be quick to judge so quickly with your mind. Rather, take the time to give yourself the experience of power of the Shabd. Your experience will be much greater than the doubt of your mind.

The light of God was manifested in each of the ten Sikh Guru's. Each Guru perfected his consciousness to be able to live in this light of God. Guru Nanak taught that the Creator is within all His creation....and Guru Gobind Singh gave us a formula of living so that God and Guru can manifest in our lives. The Perfect Creator created His creation with perfection....and God lives within all His creation. To see God in the Guru, and to see God within all His creation is totally appropriate.

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Why Is A Guru Considered A God (12/13/2000)
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