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Summary of Question:Sat Sri Akal
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Wednesday, 3/21/2001 12:20 PM MDT

Hello and sat sri akal!

Just a quick question. I want to know what the phrase "Bole sone haal - Sat sri akal". Although we say it nearly every day, i bet half f us doesnt know what it means!
I have read in some books that it means "Speak and be Happy - The holy Akal is true". If this is correct, what is the Akal?
Please help me clear my understanding.
Thank you
Greetings and blessings to you.

This phrase is called a "Jaikara" or a "call of victory". The most common Jaikara is:
"Boleh So Nihal" or "The one who speaks shall be blessed"
then the answer is:
"Sat Siri Akal" or "The Great Truth is Undying"
This call is commonly made by the person reciting the community prayer(Ardas) at the end.

This is also a group affirmation or a spirited prayer of the Sadh Sangat. This is a prayer to the Creator, that truth may prevails through His servents. It can be a very unifying affirmation when spoken several times in a row in a parade or at any event or gathering. When this call is given five times it represents the Punj Piaray.

"Akal" means undying, without death, immortal, unchanging ( highest Truth).

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Sat Sri Akal (03/21/2001)
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