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Summary of Question:Reading Jab Ji Sahib
Date Posted:Thursday, 1/25/2001 12:31 PM MST

I recently started reading the jab ji sahib in english (although i am trying to read in punjabi too), and i was wondering whether it is neccessary to actually say the words out aloud. I find it easier to concentrate on the meaning by 'saying' the words in my mind, as i can hear them as clearly as if they were being spoken. I take care not to rush whilst reading because i know that this can occur when you don't actually say the words out aloud. Am i doing the right thing?

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ke Fateh

***** REPLY *****

It's okay to read either aloud or silently. They have different effects. "Suniay dukh pap kanaas..." LISTENING takes away pain. It's good to read aloud sometimes so you can listen to the sound of your own voice. The effect is more powerful that way.


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Reading Jab Ji Sahib (01/25/2001)
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