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Summary of Question:Dressing & Its Problems
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Thursday, 5/03/2001 8:19 AM MDT

Dear moderatorji,

Have been asking a lot of questions & have been answered well by you all,Thanks a lot.
My question today is that i have lot of hair on my legs which show from under my is an embarrasing site for me & my companions.I know that we do not have to remove our hair but please guide me how to handle this situation.there are places where i have to wear a trouser since i am a working woman & generally like to wear trousers.
Also my other question is that if we can bleach ourselves then can we apply henna to our grey hair?these are practical problems that we women face & we also get a few hormonal hair on the chin that can again be quite embarrasing.
What to do about all of these?

My dear sister, what is so embarassing about the hair on your legs? Stop comparing and feeling that no hair is better than hair! Those hairless white legs are paying the price of being shaved repetitively, scars, bruises and loss of the magnetic protection of the hair. And yes, you can bleach them if that makes you more comfortable. But wear your hair with pride. God made them and put them on your body. Love what God gave you. It is the comparituve study that is messings you up.

You do not need to get into the mind set that there is something wrong with your body. Your body is perfect and perfectly beautiful!

Also, accepting yourself as you are seems to be the theme of this response. You can put henna on your hair. Henna is a good conditioner for the hair.

God bless you,SKKK

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Dressing & Its Problems (05/03/2001)
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