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Summary of Question:My Life
Date Posted:Saturday, 10/17/2009 12:47 AM MDT

I have been threw alot of ups and downs in my life. I have done bad things and i have done good things. I have ,used marijuana,drank once in a wile, and just been a stupid person. Wile i was doing all this i was hiding this from my mom. And i have also some how graduated high school. After high school i took a year off and just did such stupid things. I finally thought i should cut my hair because there is no God or any thing. But i dont know just one day i just snapped out of it. I stopped every thing. I decided to start wearing a kara and just stopped the thoughts of cuting my hair again and just being proud to be a Sikh. I cut out all the bad people in my life and told my mom every thing bad i have done and just wanted to start over. I am currently attending a police college and have plans to become a police officer. It was my dream since i was a little kid and now i am starting to chase again after i have stopped every thing. I have a feeling of guilt and sadness in me that I have dissapointed God. I feel as if i have lost my religion and who i am. I have been clean for almost a year not and feel great. But i just feel so depressed.I know im on the right track i just dont know what to do. I started to read about the Gurus and the history about sikhs We have such aaccomplished alot of things and it just makes me feel so ashamed of what i have done. My questions are how do I get closer to God? And how do I forgive my self? And how do I move one?


Sat Nam,
Forgiving yourself if not so hard once you realize that you are only living for the future. Guilt and Shame are very useless emotions. We learn from our mistakes and we move on to create a better future for ourselves. If you keep living in the past you will never have a future. So just drop all those thoughts that tie you to your past and move on. If you need more help with it write all of those unpleasant things on a peace of paper. Really think everything through of what bothers you about your old ways of being and write it all out and burn that paper either in your hand and drop it in water once the fire hits your fingers, or just put the whole paper in the fire. It should help about 60%. If that is not enough then do it again.
Also doing a cleanse of you body through a diet maybe a good thing, or a water fast for a few days as well so none of those things like drugs or alcohol still stuck in your system will ever bother you again either.

Good Luck,

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My Life (10/17/2009)
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