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Summary of Question:Focused On Money
Date Posted:Tuesday, 2/08/2011 8:38 PM MST

Hello, I would like to say Thank you for all the support you have gave me over the years and I think this forum is great. My question is about Money. I find that when I focus on money in my mind and believe in myself to acheave that amount, in particular 1 billion dollars I feel confident and prepared to go through the day with that focus. But just yesterday I relized that when I focus on reality and whats infornt of me I learn great lessons and in particular respect. My goal is to make alot of money, live securley and share alot of my money with those less fortunate. Is this focus bringing me farther from Vaheguru?

I place the Creator as the highest priority in my life, but im having this conflict with putting money as my main focus? Your advice will be very helpful.

Thank You
You have a spiritual self and a material self. In your day dedicate yourself to Amrit Vela and do your 2 1/2 hour practice. Then the rest of the day you are covered. Work and earn by the sweat of your brow and continually THANK GOD the GIVER for all. In this way you can keep a balance in your focus between earth and either. SK

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Focused On Money (02/08/2011)
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