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Summary of Question:Why Girls Dont Like Boys With Pags
Date Posted:Wednesday, 1/17/2001 2:22 PM MST

hey why is that even our on punjabi girls dont like boys with pag. i know alots of friend couse they couldnt get a girl couse the girl didnt like the guys couse they have pags y is that.

plz dont answer me back by saying that all the girls are not same couse i live in ny and all the girl i ever say they dont like boys with pag.

Sounds like you are having a hard time. You might try working on liking yourself the way you are and be less concerned about other people's opinions.

When you are a good and kind and righteous person, you will attract the same to you. Look for the real truth and beauty that lies within yourself.

God bless you.

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Why Girls Dont Like Boys With Pags (01/17/2001)
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