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Summary of Question:Help Im
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Wednesday, 4/25/2001 4:01 PM MDT

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firstly i would like to say that this sewa(youth Q and A forum) is amazing and truly inspirational.unfortunately i am in a bit of a dilema at the moment, i have recently come out of a short relationship with a girl. the problem is that during this time we were involved sexually!! now after the relationship had ended i realised that what i had done was disgraceful, furthermore my sikhi has recently diluted - i cant seem to concentrate and do simran. i just keep thinking of what had happend,and how i let my self get involved sexually. my parents have also recently done my rishta,and i also think about how my fiancee would feel if she knew. what should i do? i am in desperate need of guidance from you. many thanks.
Dear one, you need to forgive yourself so that you can move on. Sometimes we just have to learn through the pain of the experience. Stop torturing yourself by wallowing in the mud of your emotions.

Forgive yourself, forgive that girl. Do an Ardas before Guru to heal yourself and the girl. Then give this memory to the Guru and leave it there. Fortunately you are making a change. In this exchange, recite Guru Nanak's shabd from Asa Diwar..."Bhand Jamiai Bhand Nimiah, Bhand Manginaa Vee-aaho............" 11 times every day for the next 40 days to restore yourself and your respect for the woman.

God bless you and keep up! SKKK

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Help Im (04/25/2001)
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