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Summary of Question:My Daily Suffering
Date Posted:Thursday, 7/07/2011 4:38 PM MDT

My question is that why is god ignoring me?

Everyday, I pray in the morning (chaupai), evening (rehraas) and night (sohilaa) and i always ask for little things such as being happy and content with myself and having a happy life just like my peers at school. However, i recieve completely the opposite - i'm always feeling depressed, upset and low. I feel as though God isn't helping me or looking down on me and I can't help but feel as though i'm repeating a vital mistake in my life. I just want to be happy, appreciated, not bullied by others and live my life like other, happy people do. I question why do i have to receive this life - i always try to help others, life a useful virtuous life and be a true sikh but i'm always crying.
can someone explain why this is happening to me?

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My Daily Suffering (07/07/2011)
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