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Summary of Question:Chandi Di Vaar
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Monday, 4/16/2001 3:55 PM MDT

I was wondering if it is ok to read Chandi di Vaar? Someone told me that its very violent in its words and is meant only for soldiers before they go on to the battle field. I wanted to read before I worked out so it would uplift me. Do you know anything else I can try?

Greetings and blessings to you.

We are all living on the battlefield of life. The bani of Guru Gobind Singh is very uplifting and empowers and lifts the self esteem. This is a good time to do that....Jaap Sahib, Tav Prasaad Svaya, Benti Chaupa-ee.....Go for it.

Try not to listen to every opinion about anything. You open yourself to confusion and doubt. Give credit to your own experience of your own practice. You will own the experience of doing the Bani. This is Sache Patisha's gift to us... mastery over the negative mind.

God bless you, SKKK

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Chandi Di Vaar (04/16/2001)
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