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Summary of Question:Which Paaths To Do When?
Category:Sikh Practices
Date Posted:Sunday, 2/25/2001 4:14 AM MST

sat siri akal

i am very confused that which paath to do when
so people say i should do japji sahib,shabad hazare,jaap sahib,tav prasad svaya,anand sahib in th emorning and rehras sahib in the evening and kirtan sohela at bad time

some say japji sahib ,jaap sahib,savaya in the morning & rehras and dookh bhanjan in the evening and kirtan sohila at bed time

u guide me which paaths i should i do and when coz evey gutkas also have different order of paaths

plz give me an answer
Blessings to you.Morning Bani's:
Jap-ji Sahib with Shabd Hazare(even though some have changed the order in the gutka).
Jaap Sahib w/tav prasaad swaya(Sravag sud sumoo-ay....)
Anand Sahib

Sun down or evening:
Rehairas w/ benti chaupa-ii

before sleep
Kirtan Sohila
You were correct. Find a nitnem or gutka that has the prayers and the order that works for you.
God bless you

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Which Paaths To Do When? (02/25/2001)
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