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Summary of Question:Maryland Area Gurdwara, Information.
Date Posted:Thursday, 6/08/2000 3:34 PM MDT

This doesn't need to be posted, necessarily. I'm curious about the Sikh faith,

reading only takes one so far before experience becomes essential. i live in
the Baltimore area, and would like the opportunity visit a gurdwara in the
area and maybe have someone to meet me there and clarify things for me as
services go along. if there are any questions please email me. Thanks! noah P
P.S. is this webpage explicity affililated with the 3HO organization?


Dear Noah:

Sat siri akaal Ji. Go to this site and click on Gurdwaras on the right. Then keep paging forward (click on 'next page) until you get to United States, then Maryland. Click on the Maryland triangle and you will see several MD gurdwaras listed. I used to live there and attended Guru Gobind Singh Foundation gurdwara regularly, but check out all of them. Contact information is given, and I know that members of the Gurdwaras will help to arrange for you to meet up with one or several of them.

This Website is managed and created by 3HO Foundation, but it is a Web site for ALL Sikhs worldwide.

God bless you!

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Maryland Area Gurdwara, Information. (06/08/2000)
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