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Summary of Question:Attachment
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Sunday, 8/16/2009 6:11 PM MDT

Sometimes, in the moment, I think that if I randomly die, that I will miss what I own, the people I love. I know you're not supposed to be attached to those things, but sometimes it's hard to let it go. Can you help me banish that bad feeling, 'attachment', to items?? thx!


Sat Nam,

Some attachments are not so bad. You can attach yourself to the Guru or your banis or prayers and that will do you a lot of good. Some attachments are not so great and those usually are the ones that come from greed or dissatisfaction with life. Then others like you describe are just regular earthly attachments that everyone has. It is OK to be attached to your relatives or to your home, you love them you still have plenty of karma with them to serve, you are simply not done with them yet.
We can never feel bad for being attached to people we love. If someone dies people cry because they were attached to them, practicing non attachment will help you get over the pain better but it may not eliminate it all together.

We can't plan on dying tomorrow we still have to live every day with all the things around us and make all of them serve us. We are born into this world for a reason and somehow we can feel when we are done and our soul will know to let everything go. The reason you are not sure is because you know you are not supposed to die yet. The only way to really solve this issue of attachment in life is by attaching yourself to the right things on purpose like the Guru and practice it every day. Then when the moment comes for you to let go of your physical body all you will have to do is fix your mind on the Guru the best you can and everything else will float away by itself.

I hope this is helpful.


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Attachment (08/16/2009)
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