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Summary of Question:Re: About Karah Prashad
Date Posted:Tuesday, 6/13/2000 11:45 PM MDT
In response to your answer:
As per Rahat Maryadda and SGPC guidelines, is their any written document which indicates the important ceremonies/functions when Karah Prashad should be made?

I think the answer given by the moderator could be his personnal views.
IPS Sethi


Dear Sethiji:

Sat Siri Akal. Please see this Web site and then click on the triangle for item 2.

You can also search this site using keywords:
"rehit" or "Rehat Maryada"; also "prasad" or "prashad" "kara prashad", "karah prasad" (spelling varies, so you may have to play with it.)

Then you can see for yourself, and not go through a Youth Forum Moderator.

Rab Rakha,

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