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Date Posted:Tuesday, 12/12/2000 3:58 AM MST



Could you plzzz give me a simple type of medication to do
daily cuz i don't have a lot of time.

And is it okay if i do the SGGS but dont do the normal daily prayer .

Thank you very much


Greetings and blessings to youm in the Name of God and Guru.

When you wake up in the morning.....first thing....say "Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh". Then cup your hands over your eyes and say "thank you God for these eyes to see you" Cup your hands over your ears and say "thank you god for these ears to hear you" Cup your hands over your mouth and say "thank you God for this mouth to speak of you" . Touch your hands to your heart and say "thank you God for this heart to feel you".....then feel your entire being and say "thank you God for guiding me and protecting me".

When you get up out of bed....brush your teeth, and wash your face....and for the next 31 minutes (set your timer or look at the clock) chant out loud the muhl mantra as you do your morning routine. Do this for the next 90 days without break. If you miss a day then you must start again at day one.

Muhl Mantra: " Ek ong kar sat nam The Creator of the creation is
karta purkh, nirbhou, nirvair, one, truth is His name, doer of
akal murat, ajooni, sai bhang all, fearless, without revenge
gur prassad, jaap undying, unborn, selfillumined
Aad sach this is realized by the True
jugaad sach Guru's Grace, Meditate!
hai bhee sach True in the beginning, true
Nanak hosee bhee sach." through all the ages,He is true
even now and Nanak says He
shall ever be true.

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