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Summary of Question:Is It Neccessary To Gurudwara?
Date Posted:Thursday, 2/10/2011 10:55 PM MST

sat sri akal,my question is that i do chant(simran)at home even then it is compulsory to go gurudwara because everybody say GOD is everywhere.please reply as soon as possible.Thanks

This is a great question. These are the times when singing/meditating in the Sadh Sangat/Siri Guru Granth Sahib is very important. Not only is your meditation magnified but you and others get great strength and direction by being in the "company of the disciplined ones". Come out of your isolation and join the "network" of devotion.

Where else can you find this transformative power so codified in this age of darkness. Yes, God is everywhere but go and feel the power of the Sadh Sangat and be uplifted and SERVE. Yes, many Gurdwara's are not so inspiring to youth, but find a time and place where you can feel inspiration.

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Is It Neccessary To Gurudwara? (02/10/2011)
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