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Summary of Question:Beautiful Kirpan
Category:Sikh Practices
Date Posted:Tuesday, 2/06/2001 5:13 AM MST

Wahegurujika khalsaWahegurujikifateh

In your reply to a query about mass produced kirpans- you said you know someone who makes beautiful kirpans-- I too am often dismayed by the quality and bad craftsmanship of mass produced kirpans. The kirpan is a gift from our beloved Dasmesh Pita - but many of these mass produced kirpans are an insult to the word kirpan -- our Dashmesh pita said Do not come before me without Kesh or Shashtar -- but how can these badly made kirpans be called Shashtar.
Puraatan Singhs used to look after their kirpans keep them sharp and perform shastar vidya (martial arts ) for at least 2 hours daily. Most of these modern kirpans cannot even be sharpened-- that is if you can actually get them out of their meeyan (sheath). Ive lost track of the number of times my clothes have been ripped by badly made handles or sheaths.
Shri kalgi dhar patshah dashmesh pita used " Shiri Bhagauti " the sword as a metaphor to describe the attributes of Waheguruji --- so I think the least we can do is have kirpans that are well made and practical for the sant sipahi guru ji envisioned.
I apologise for my ramblings--- but the purpose of my post was-- if you know someone who makes "Beautiful Kirpans " could you give me an address or website -- as I would really like to exchange my mass produced kirpan for a beautiful one -- one that reflects the glory and majesty of guru ji and my love for the guru, his Khalsa and his rehat.

I would just like to add -- may Waheguru shower blessings on the producers of this site ---- you are providing a wonderful service --- Enlightening the world to the majesty and wisdom of our Shabad guru and helping the next generation of khalsa stand tall armed with a respect for bani , bana , their glorious past and a knowledge they can make an even more glorious future


Bhul chuk maaf
Gur Fateh.
These beautiful kirpans can be seen and ordered from "Lifeknives", [email protected], 800-442-8162.

You can also find some beautiful Damascus blade kirpans at "Clock Tower Bazaar" by the Golden Temple in Amritsar at....1) Dawn 2)Mementos 3) MP enterprises.

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Beautiful Kirpan (02/06/2001)
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