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Summary of Question:Could You Tell Me If I'm Right?
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Thursday, 3/18/1999 4:44 PM MDT

I have written 3 essays on some Sikh theologies. If you have time, would you read them and tell me where I am wrong.

Thank you

Sat Nam, ji. I've looked (at least briefly, with the limited time I've had so far) at your website. It is a wonderful enterprise. You demonstrate a love for truth and for Sikh Dharma. You should certainly continue.

I'll confess that I myself have written many essays in my journals, and whether they were published, or informally shared with others, or not, that in itself is a very worthy practice and leads to uncovering what we "Don't Know" as much as what we do know. Those "Don't Knows" can lead us to questions of others and quests in our lives, to become more informed, intelligent and wise. So Keep Up.

Since this forum is a forum for questions, and you haven't really asked one yet, perhaps you could reflect and discover something you would like to explore more thoroughly, something that really is of concern to you and would allow you to grow more, and offer it in the form of a question.

Otherwise, if you don't have a question, please remember that wisdom comes from affiliating with those who are Wise (ie., the Guru), and practicing to behave in the manner in which they acted (ie., making efforts and even sacrifices on behalf of others who were in need of help or who asked for help). That all adds up to Bani, Simran and Sewa. If you will add the humility of Bana to that, then you shall have opened shop as a shopkeeper of Truth, and those who are in need can identify you as a Gursikh, and you can request the Grace of Guru to flow through you to assist them. The "you" in you (the ego part) can gracefully get out of the way of the God in you, and that will be Cherdii Kalaa. And you won't have to worry about "8.4 million lifetimes in hell" for expressing your good intentions (for those who don't understand this comment, click on the hyperlink above and look at the website in question. It's great.)

Blessings, thank you for a wonderful request, and keep up your journalism.

Krishna Singh Khalsa

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Could You Tell Me If I'm Right? (03/18/1999)
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