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Summary of Question:Yoga And Sikhism
Category:Sikh Practices
Date Posted:Sunday, 10/04/2009 8:49 PM MDT

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I have a question about yoga. is yoga a part of sikhism? other people i have asked say it has nothing to do with sikhism and it is just a hobby like soccer. why do other people make it seem like it is something sikhs must do? i am very confused.


Sat Nam,

There is nothing in life we really must or must not do. There are things how ever that we do all the time because they prove to be very good for us. You get up in the morning and you get dressed, you brush your teeth, take a shower ... and go about your day doing all sorts of things that you consider to be important to you, your family etc. You have lots and lots of things figured out and you can tell easily why it is good to do them. The question is why should you or should you not do yoga or even thinking about it.

Most commonly Kundalini Yoga is the one associated with Sikhism. It was a very secret Raj yoga and it was not revealed to anyone but to very select people. Until just a few years ago no one even knew about it because no one was considered privileged enough. So it is not surprising that a lot of Sikhs do not know much about it and think that it is not a part of our life style. But it is. It offers a tremendous amount of spiritual technology for us to be the most spiritually developed nation in the world and spread the teachings to everyone else who would like to experience that level of spirituality.

We all know about the technology of the Shabad Guru and how uplifting it can be. Yoga and meditation is just another vehicle for us to use to uplift ourselves and reach higher spiritual development. Yoga means a union of body, mind and spirit. It helps you, through working on yourself in a physical way, to reach high spiritual states faster, stay healthy and feel the God within yourself.

Only by doing yoga you will know what yoga is. It does not matter what opinion people have about it. It only matters what opinion you will have about it yourself. You can only know yoga by doing it and finding out for yourself what it really means you your body mind and soul.

Good Luck,

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