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Summary of Question:Please Help Me
Date Posted:Tuesday, 5/01/2001 11:58 AM MDT

wahe guru ji ka khalsa wahe guru ji ki fethe

my problem is that i some serious elergy in my private parts
i had gone to doctor she say's it humid condtions in delhi i have shave of hair
of private parts tell me what to do as accroding sikhisim i cant trim my hair

please reply fast
Dear one, you have an allergy or a skin rash. I would reccomend that you do NOT shave or trim your hair.....that will not help shaving will only make you more irritated in that area.

I would reccommend a number of things:
1. wear only pure soft cotton knit underpants
2. wash and then dry your pubic area after you urinate
3. shower or bathe more often
4. apply prickly heat powder to your underpants to keep the area moisture free.

Try this for a week and see if this helps. Ask again if you need more help and definitely find a new doctor.

God bless you, SKKK
Go to another doctor.

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Please Help Me (05/01/2001)
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