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Summary of Question:I Want To Be Forgiven From God.
Date Posted:Saturday, 12/16/2000 9:34 PM MST

Hi, please help me. I have done very sinful, things, before i did them, i belive that god or the sant was warning me to be careful not to go on the wrong path, but i did. I realize the sin i have done and how many people are hurt. I do not want this to go further and to correct my big mistake. Can god forgive me and correct what i have done? Is there a certin pray that u can suggest i do forever. Right now i am repeaating waheguru, waheguru. please help me soon, i want god to forgive me and the sant. I am sorry and very afraid, ashamed and guilty. Please help me.

Trying to fix everything soon and fast. Thanks.
Greetings to you in the Name of God the light of every soul and in the Name of Guru the life of every Sikh.

Dear one, what is done is done. You are now paying the price of your misdeeds in regret and worry. But, we are not Catholics that need to confess our guilt. We are creations of the Perfect Creator and we can choose to turn the page of our existance to live in grace and peace.

Yes, God can forgive you, but you must find the way to forgive yourself. First, you have stated that you made a mistake. This is good! Now, you can forgive yourself so you can move on. Next, direct your breath to become long and deep (breathe in and out through your nose) so you can calm your emotions. If you are feeling really distraught, then hold your breath for a minute. Keep doing this until you have calmed down.

Next if you can go to the Guru, go and bow and and give all your troubles and worries as a gift to the Guru. If you do not have a Guru to go to, then place your nitnem on a table and create a space of the Guru. Be very sacred and respectful and feel the awesome presence of God and Guru. Actually feel yourself placing your problems at the "feet"(on the floor or ramala) of the Guru. Let these troubles and concerns go to the Guru. Know that the Guru will handle these affairs. Then you will devote yourself to this daily practice for the next 120 days:

Recite or sing this shabd out loud 11 times every day: Put your entire being into this practice and you will see the hand of God work for you.

This shabd can make the impossible possible. It will heal you and your affairs.

It is in the Amrit Kirtan on Page#259. In Siri Guru Granth Sahib on pg#968.

******Dhan Dhan Ram Das Gur*******

Dhan Dhan Ram Das Gur Ji Siriaa tinai savaaree-aa. Great o great is Guru Ram Das ji. God who created you has decorated you.

Poori ho-ee karam aat. Aap Sirjan haray dhaa-ree-aah. Perfect is your miracle. God Himslef has installed you on His throne.

Sikhee o-tay sangatee Parabhram kar Naama sadaa-ree-aa. Your Sikhs and the entire Sadh Sangat revere you as the Supreme Lord.

Atal atah ho atol latoo teraa antanaa para varee-aa. You are unshakable, unfathamable and immeasurable. Your extent is without limit.

Jinee tu sevee-aa bhao kar, say tudh para utaaree-aa. Those who serve You with love, You carry them across this world ocean.

Lab lobh kam krod moh, mara kaday tudh sapara-vaaree-aa. Lust, anger, greed, pride and attachment, these 5 passions you beat and drive out.

Dhan so teyraa tan hai, sach teraa pai sakaaree-aa. Great is the place where you reside. Truth is always heard there.

Nanak tu Lehenaa tu hai, Guru Amara ti vee chaaree-aa. You are Nanak, You are Anagad, You are Amar Das, so do I recognize you.

Gur ditaa taa man saadhaa-ree-aa. Seeing you oh Guru,my doubt is gone and my soul is sustained.

Faithfully reciting theselines with all your heart and soul will life you and correct your misdeeds. This shabd is sung on Sikhnet in many places. One place is, at the very bottom of the pages at "other selections". You can also find a tape of it in a shop or the Gurdwara to get the correct pronunciation.

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I Want To Be Forgiven From God. (12/16/2000)
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