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Summary of Question:Marraige And Castes!
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Friday, 3/30/2001 4:22 PM MDT

There have been numerous questions and concerns regarding the caste system in Sikhism ..... I think you have done a wonderful job explaining the values of Sikhism to the youth ..... However, I have a question regarding marraige and the caste system which may be more helpful for individuals seeking marraige with a differnt caste ...... I strongly dissagree with any caste system!!! ..... We are ALL Sikhs, instead of dividing our selves into different castes, we should all become one, and popularize Sikhism around the world ...... By dividing ourselves into castes, we will never strenghen and grow as a Sikh community ....... You agree with me that there should NOT be any caste system in Sikhism, however, there are still many Sikh's that strongly believe in it ...... My question to you: How can we instill this beleif into the minds of our girlfiend/boyfriend's parents? This question probably relates to many people who have experienced love, but were rejected by the parents' of there girlfriend/boyfriend simply

because they are not Jatt ..... I have never heard of such a foolish system and will NEVER support it in any shape or form ...... If Jatt's feel that they are superior than the rest, why are they farmers? ...... Jatt's are NOT superior than other castes ..... WE ARE ALL SIKHS!!!!! ......

Ex: My cousin loved a girl almost more than himself .... Marraige was not possible between the 2 because "he was not Jatt" ...... Did he do anything wrong? Ofcourse not!!!

It's a very sad situation if this has happened to you ...... Please, let's put an end to caste systems and focus on Sikhism as a whole

WaheGuru Ji Ka Khalsa, WaheGuru Ji Ki Fateh
Greetings and blessings to you. This is quite the topic of the month! Your input and question is excellant.

I would like to put it to all of the young people who are confronted with this separatist or elitist attitude of parents, that there is no place in our Guru that supports this separation into caste or Amritdhari, non Amritdhari.

It is the job of youth, our future, to really be very clear minded in sharing the perspective of our Guru with your parents. And also patiently expressing that marriage is the foundation of your happiness and your future. You can break an engagement, but once you are married there is no turning back.

The reference from Gurbani that you need is from Baba Sheik Farid: "Dilo mohabat jin sayee sacheyaa." Pg. 488 of Siri Guru Granth Sahib. Guru is saying,"that person is sweet only when what they speak they do". You must talk to your parents from your heart and explain to them that what you have in your heart is different from what they are proposing to do by being engaged to please them only. The Guru does support you in this.

The truth of the Guru's guidence is that you better be clear to yourself and your parents about your future and what you want in life. They will understand if you share honestly and patiently now. It may take some time, keep up!

God bless you and keep up. SKKK

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Marraige And Castes! (03/30/2001)
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