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Summary of Question:Gay Love , But I Feel I Am Doing Something Wrong
Category:Love & Marriage
Date Posted:Tuesday, 8/19/2008 4:03 AM MDT

I am a 18 year old sikh guy studying in college ; I have liked men as far as I can remember ; But only in youth stage , Has this feelings amplified ; I have had crushes on young men ; I just find something very beautiful in male body ;

I was an amritdhari sikh till 6 years back , but as I stepped in adolescence , I forgot all the discipline , & lost my guru's grace ; Since them I have suffered many hardships including my sexual orientation ,I even cut my hair one year back , b`coz I was under the impression that sikh men cant look handsome with beard & turban ;
BUT now ; I have a professor in college & he is a sikh , He is one of the most beautiful man I have ever seen in my life, Infact I suppose no clean shaven men is as handsome as him , no doubt I lost my heart & now I am having a very strong crush on him ; I cant go & say him , neither can I act on my feelings , Hence I am suffering inside ;
HOWEVER , one good point of the entire story is He has made me realised that a beard & a turban can make a man look more handsome , rather than making him look ugly , & hence if guru wishes I am planning to take amrit in 2 -3 years, but the question is "Will guru accept me ??" ; Also the question arises , Will my professor never come to know that I loved him & that the love was not just b`coz how he looked , but also b`coz he was a nice person ?? will he accept me ??

Your help will be much appraised

Dear one,
Guru will accept you. Your professor who has a good heart can appreciate being a role model for you.
Only time will tell if he will accept any more or less.


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Gay Love , But I Feel I Am Doing Something Wrong (08/19/2008)
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