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Summary of Question:Another Writing Problem
Date Posted:Sunday, 11/15/2009 9:13 AM MST

Sat Siri Akal!

I wasn't the individual who wrote the other writing question before, but I have questions concerning the content that goes into a novel. I love to write fantasy and fiction, and love creating my own worlds and characters and divine intervention, but I want to know if this is wrong to write about. Is it wrong to write about different, or made up "gods?" And, is it alright to write about people resurrecting others but based on a magical fantasy perspective? Sometimes when I write, I do have to get around many things that we as Sikhs are not allowed to do, but in my stories, drinking, prostitution, etc. often appear from time to time in the background. I usually do this to develop a realistic life around my main character(s) and it adds a good whole to my story. But, is it wrong to write about? :)

If you could please answer these questions... :)
P/S: Before I write, I dedicate everything to Waheguru ji, so it helps me to look at the dedication page whenever I'm feeling down on myself about writing. :D


Sat Nam,

The meaning and accomplishment of anything in life lye in our intentions.

It is not wrong to write about anything at all as long as you have positive intentions in mind.

What would qualify intentions as positive? It is anything that carries a positive message or helps people open up their eyes about some serious issue. It is something that may help them become more sympathetic or just more aware in general about things. In other words it should be nothing that intentionally brings evil into people's lives. Stories that portray evil for the purpose of just getting the thrill of it do bring that kind of energy into readers' realities.

As a writer you have a certain responsibility to your readers to somehow uplift them or add to their understanding of reality or any particular situation in life. If sometimes you need to use odd or unusual characters to help you accomplish that mission ... it is quite OK to do it.

I would recommend writing a preface page before the story stating what inspired you to write it and mention that though characters in your story maybe fictional they were created for a good reason.
It would be a good way to help your readers understand who you are, what moves your soul and why you would like to share your fantasy with them.


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