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Summary of Question:Causes Os Masturbation
Date Posted:Saturday, 3/31/2001 2:14 PM MDT


i jus wanted to know that r there any causes of masterbation,,will it effect u when u get married ,,cause i do it once or twice a week. please answer this
Thank you
sat Sri Akal!!

You did not mention whether you are male or female. There are no bad side effects for masturbation for a female. For a male, masturbation to can have subtle effects on the grey matter of the brain, but it should not be a problem for future married life. Much has been already written on this subject here, especially with regard to how to control your sexual energy and how to control your mind. Sex is mostly between the ears.

Please do a search on this subject here in the Youth Forum and you will turn up many previous replies.


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Causes Os Masturbation (03/31/2001)
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