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Summary of Question:Are Parents To Blame For Their Childrens Mistake?
Date Posted:Thursday, 3/01/2001 6:30 PM MST

Sat Shri Akal,

My sister was kicked out of the house because she chose the love of her life instead of family. He obviously is not a Sikh. Ever since this incident, my parents have been ostracized and blamed for this incident. Not only by the Sikh community that we live in but by my parents' relatives too. That hurt them a lot. I ask you whether it is fair to blame the parents for the wrong that their children do. I realize that not all Sikhs feel this way but every Sikh person that I have run into has blamed my parents for my sisters mistake. Isn't Sikhism about love,acceptance and forgiveness instead of blaming others for the mistake they made?
You are so right. Our way of life is not about bigotry and judgement....Better if your parents had given support and acceptence to your sister and helped them live an exemplary life of mutual religious respect and coexistance. Just as the community and Sadh Sangat are equally to responsible for teaching values to our youth.

This must be an example of how actions of kindness beget kindness and actions of judgement get judgement in return too.

God bless you, SKKK

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Are Parents To Blame For Their Childrens Mistake? (03/01/2001)
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