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Summary of Question:Who Are Mistris And Tapia?
Category:Love & Marriage
Date Posted:Monday, 1/29/2001 12:28 PM MST


Iam Raj. My Last name is Tapia, very Unfamiliar. Never heard by people.
All i know About My self is Iam Sardar, My all Uncles Have A pagdi except my dad. People Usually call him Mona. Because he doesn't wear pagdi and is clean shaven. I donno in what category i belongs to like if Iam a jatt or not.
Because the girl, whom iam in love with are Mistris, and her parents don't want her to marry a jatt boy, some one from ther caste. i donno who are mistris and Who are Tapia?, iF you could help with my this big problem, i will appreciate it.


Dear One:

I cannot answer your question, as I do not know details of the caste system. Sikhi teaches us that adherence to caste system is wrong; that no one is above or below another because of a social label. All are equal as Sikhs of the Guru. A shabd by Bhagat Kabeer in Siri Guru Granth Sahib tells us that when we criticize another (because of caste, for example) we criticize the Creator who made us all. ("Aval Allah Noor Upa-i-aa" shabd)

If you still must know, ask your uncles or father, they should know the answer to your question.

It is my prayer that you marry who you wish to marry without concern for her or your so-called caste.

Guru Rakha,

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