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Summary of Question:Becoming A Sikh
Category:General Q's from Non-Sikhs
Date Posted:Wednesday, 6/06/2001 11:52 PM MDT


When converting to Sikhism, does one have to change their
name (i.e. is it compulsory to have Singh / Kaur)?

A friend of mine is considering converting to Sikhism, but
does not wish to change names since she is that is her

Personally, I don't understand why it would be compulsory
since it was introduced to abolish the caste system. But
these days, many Sikhs have their own surname and use
Singh/Kaur as a middle name.



Dear Preeti:

Sat Siri Akal. It is NOT compulsory to change one's name when converting to Sikhism. If your friend becomes baptized, she becomes a Kaur and a Khalsa, but she doesn't have to legally change her name to reflect that. Kaur means princess, which is, however, a wonderful affirmation. Though Singh/Kaur were given to remind Sikhs that they all are equal, it is also to remind us that we represent the royal courage of Guru Gobind Singh. She can hold and be that identity without having it appended to her name.
Guru Rakha,

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Becoming A Sikh (06/06/2001)
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