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Summary of Question:Why Some Gurdwara's Let Meat Be Cooked In The Temple
Date Posted:Wednesday, 4/11/2001 8:01 AM MDT

I am at a loss, in the UK where I find some Gurdwaras allowing meat to be cooked on its premises. When this happened, the sikhs who do not believe in this practice tell them to leave, and rightly so, but why do the minority sikhs perform this terrible practice? I have been told by Sants (sikh Saints) who have visited my home (for which I am truly Lucky and fortunate- thanks to GOD) they told me that Guru Gobind singh declared 8 times in the bani that he wrote that we should never eat meat only if we are starving to death and only then we should kill the animal without it feeling any pain, which is the only exception.They also told me saints such Kabir when asked this question by his followers he replied,"do you believe in god" they relied "yes" , then he asked "do you believe that he resides in every creature and being" they replied "yes" then he said " if this is so then why do you eat animals".

So my query is this what possible justification do the minority sikhs have for there behaviour?

Stupidity and greed. Leave it.

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Why Some Gurdwara's Let Meat Be Cooked In The Temple (04/11/2001)
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