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Summary of Question:Embarrassing Height
Category:Love & Marriage
Date Posted:Wednesday, 5/16/2001 2:32 AM MDT

Sat Sri Akal,

I sent you an e-mail about a month ago called "Embarrasing Height!. I am pleased to you that on Vaisakhi, I wore a turban! And it didnt feel too bad at all! Although my cousin put it on the wrong way!! Another problem with wearing a turban would be the wearing of spectacles. Altough i wear contact lenses now and if i go out anywhere, but when i wear my glasses, it would be difficult to put them on! Any solutions??

Right, my main question that i wanted to ask was that since i am soo tall, i feel it would be difficult to find a girl when i get married as tall as me! And if i start to wear a turban....i would look even taller!!
So would it be ok to start wearing a turban after marrige? Cuz i feel really embarrased about my height. I just wish God had made my about 1-2 inches shorter. I feel like i'm being punished. And the fact that most of my relatives are small doesnt help either.

Hope you understand my problem.
Thank you


Sat Siri Akal--

Dear Brother,
Congratulations on wearing a turban for Vaisakhi!

It is not hard to wear glasses with your turban, I see it done all the time. (I don't wear glasses.) Sometimes people stick the eyeglass "arms" right under turban on the ears; or some people slide them in the folds of the turban itself.

Of course you can start wearing your turban after marriage, but ask yourself if you are being true to your identity as Sikh of Guru? Also, please don't assume that your height works against you as far as attractiveness to girls! Sikhi teaches us that the body-temple is a gift from God as is, tall or short. Do not feel punished! Feel honored that God wanted this particular Gursikh (you) to stand out!

Also, many girls appreciate seeing a handsome young man dressed nobly as Gursikh, and besides, I think they would want to know right away where you stand by wearing your identity. What if you found a girl who did not want you to wear a turban AFTER marriage? By wearing it now, you identify yourself as Gursikh, which was always Guruji's idea when he gave us this form. The turban does not really add height to you; it adds royalty. Consider this, dear brother. (You can also keyword search "turban" on this Forum and find many other posts on this topic.)

Guru Rakha,

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