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Summary of Question:A Lover Merciful Appeal ,Can U Help Me??
Category:Love & Marriage
Date Posted:Sunday, 7/05/2009 11:14 PM MDT

Hello friends, I am a indian sikh boy and i love an iranian muslim girl very much, we cant live without each other,and we met on internet one year ago but after that she become my life.We mostly chat sometimes we talk but we are always in contact.we both become ill if we did not meet each other any day. I have never meet her physically but her soul is very much linked to me. We have decided to marry now but she is in iran and I am in India i dont know what to do , but i only know that i cant live without her.We have decided to meet first physically than will talk about it. But my only appeal to all my friends is that can u plzzz tell me that whether i will face any trouble in that if we make our future , plzzz if u ever love anyone than reply me honestly

Dear one, be kind to yourself and love yourself and sing the shabd of the Guru when you are feeling empty. Meeting on the computer and having this level of emotional interaction is not healthy. You have no idea if that person is real or honest or just playing with you. WAKE UP! Your life is in front of you not on the computer. You are very naive and asking for trouble. Stop now and fulfill your time with recitaion and deep absorption into the shabd MERA MAN LOCHE GUR DARSHAN TAA-EE................." BY GURU ARJAN DEV. It will connect you with your true beloved and keep you happy. SK

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A Lover Merciful Appeal ,Can U Help Me?? (07/05/2009)
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