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Summary of Question:How To Keep Faith In Hard Times
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Wednesday, 11/04/2009 11:28 PM MST


HEllo i am a bit confused i had asked the question about how to overcome my fear when soemthing goes wrong and to keep god in me how can yoga help me with my faith of god??? and you said when we go through bad situations its a gift of god but, why is it said that if you believe in god, pray to him then nothing can harm you??? so where does that come in pleasee explain.... thank you very much.


Sat Nam,
Yoga is a union of your body, mind and spirit. It helps us cultivate a connection to all three. If even one of them is out of balance we experience lots of fear. If our auric body or our ark line is not strong enough we tend to be affected by other peoples negativity, opinions,... . We have trouble making strong decisions and carry through.

As strange as it may sound physical exercises help us with all of those issues. Physical exercises of Yoga work infinitely better. Kundalini yoga is around five thousand years old and just like technology of Shabad Guru it was carefully developed for betterment of all humans. Every yoga set is designed to move your energy in the body to work specifically on particular problems or weaknesses we experience in your life. It is a very spiritual practice that brings you closer to God. In many ways yoga is a physical way of working out our emotional and other problems but it also helps us to experience our own soul.

You would have to see for yourself. Don't just take my word for it.

To answer the second part of your question I have to say that a way you have to take some of the negative things for granted in this life and not be afraid of them. If you meditate a lot, do yoga, especially Kundalini and White Tantric yogas you can minimize some of the effects of some painful things in your life, but you would have to be very consistent in your practice to accomplish that. What I am trying to say is that we should never be afraid of painful things no matter how bad then can get.

All human beings on this planet experience pain. Without pain we will never know or appreciate pleasure. Just like without rain we will never appreciate the sun, day without night and joy without sorrow. That is the best way for us to learn. Just look around and you will know. No one is special in that way. Just because someone looks happy this moment it does not mean that they are never sad.

Happiness is our birth right and you have the power to chose to be happy even in the worst of the circumstances. And a lot of times the only way we can find the strength to make that choice no matter what if we have a strong spiritual practice consisting of Yoga, meditation, ... doing your path... etc.

I do encourage you to try for yourself. There is nothing I could say that will explain it well enough because you are the only one who can give yourself that experience to understand the wisdom of it.


One good meditation for fear, to start with is doing Mool Mantra from 11 to 30 minutes a day.

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