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Summary of Question:Vasakhi Celebration
Category:Sikh Practices
Date Posted:Sunday, 4/08/2001 7:05 PM MDT

Wjkk, Wjkf..

I was just wondering where else big vasakhi parades are held, besides in India, Vancouver, and Calgary???

I thought it was only Vancouver before, but my cousin told me it's in Calgary also.. Do you know where else they have large parades or big celebrations for the birth of the Khalsa?

Thanks very much
Probably wherever there are Sikhs there is a big celebration. I know of a large parade in downtown Los Angeles by the Convention Center. That was held April 15th.

Also, there was a SIkh Day Parade April 21 down Madison Ave. in New York that was huge! Langar was served on Fifth Ave. as well as drinks and prasaad served along the entire parade route.

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Vasakhi Celebration (04/08/2001)
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