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Summary of Question:'Sanjog Or Efforts'
Date Posted:Sunday, 2/08/2009 9:28 AM MST

i previously posted a question....'sanjog or efforts'.....thanks for ur great and timely reply....may u ever keep up the service...m sorry...iam asking again.....i followed ur advice...i myself read some matrimonials in newspaper....n i selected one and handed it over to my mother..n told her in very clear words...that.credendentials sound suitable...n they should contact the was 17 jan'09 then...n few days back i did ask her...if they have contacted them...she said we tried once, phone was engaged n that she'll try again.....but they never did...i don't wish to ask again...i made up my mind that i won't do any efforts again..and do the best thing...dat was submitting it to the true lord waheguru...and i did it...the purpose of getting back to u is just to ask from the sangat(as i take u wonderful people)....why is it so..?.i've no doubts guru will do the best...but in all other matters.also... it may be maintenance of house.....taking forward business....or anything else my parents simply wait for things to happen...why so...i directs us and makes us do our work...we put in efforts and he blesses us...but how shall i make my parents understand this.?..this also i know will be taken care by god...i m sorry i m questioning n answering them by my own....but i would like to have some more wise words from u...plz rest assured i have faith in guru ji...i just wish to discuss it withu illuminated dat my faith gets firmer

Beta, when you were a child if you tried to walk only once or twice and then gave up you would not be walking. Point is that rarely does anything happen as the result of only once attempt or try.

You can see from Guru Teg Bahadur how her had to sit and meditate for 27 years before the climate and the people were ready to accept him as Guru and not one of the many imposters. If something is worth doing it is worth doing well and you must be persistent. Help your parents and involve yourself in the process. Read many adds and go to Sikh Matrimonials ib Sikhnet. It is a search and make it a project of love and devotion. Every day we do our nitnem....not just one day and then we are done.

Keep up, SK

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'Sanjog Or Efforts' (02/08/2009)
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