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Summary of Question:I Want To Be Religious And Have Short Hair
Date Posted:Tuesday, 7/28/2009 8:09 PM MDT

i am a punjabi/sikh boy in new york and i am 15 i came here when i was 5 so born in india ever since i was 5 till this day i have had extremely long hair today it is up to my foot/heel and i am a pretty tall almost 6 feet. i work at a mcdoanlds so i trim. i have researched so much about guru ji i really want to be a sikh but i cant stand my hair it is so long i tryed everything to get rid of some but it wont go away any advice i am very proud to be a sikh and punjabi can i cut my hair and still wear a turban?

Dear one, The function of the turban is to protect and channel the energy of your hair antenna's.
Share your feelings about your hair with a trusted family member, i.e. your MOM. Get some help in the care of your hair. Also, get a new job where people are not eating greasy stolen meat. You need support around you of people of higher consciousness. SK

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I Want To Be Religious And Have Short Hair (07/28/2009)
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