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Summary of Question:Difference Between Satguru And Sriguru Dev
Date Posted:Tuesday, 2/10/2009 3:49 AM MST

what is the diffence between SATGURU and SRI GURU DEV JI in SUKHMANI SAHIB

GURU ARJAN DEV JI starts with aad gure namhe, jugad guru namhe, sat gure namhe,

sri guru deve namhe . what is the meaning of these words. plz help me.
"I bow to the Primal Power" Aad Gureh Nameh
"I bow to the wisdomg of all ages" Jugaad Gureh Nameh
"I bow to the true Guru" Sat Gureh Nameh
"I bow to the great Transparent Guide" Siri Guru Dev e Nameh

You can hear it sung on CD Baby....Blessings of a Woman CD -Satkirin Kaur Khalsa song # 4

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Difference Between Satguru And Sriguru Dev (02/10/2009)
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