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Summary of Question:Why There Is Need To Take Amrit?
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Wednesday, 6/16/2010 9:26 PM MDT


There is question that is coming in my mind for the last few weeks is that
why there is a need to take amrit it shart happening just after my younger brother took it!!!

Any body can do path there are no restrictions.
Anybody can go to gurudwara and do sewa.
Anybody can learn Gatka.
Anybody can wear a turban.

why there is a need to take Amrit, what difference it makes
to life,
I somtimes just feel like it is more of creating restrictions
to your life as you cannot share food with anyone, you have
to wake up early in the morning and do path, and you have
to path in the evening, also at night?

Why to put so much restrictions is life ?
Why it is required?

I know few people who says we should stay hungry first we should
complete path then eat anything as contrary to
it i always eat food first and then do path however i feel that while
doing path if i am thinking of eating something coz i am hungry, its of no use.

And i strongly feels that all Amrit dharis are raciest as they think that all other people in this world or with in sikh religion are inferior to them or are not pure ?

Also somtimes i also think why Sri guru gobind singh ji started all this ??
i am not trying to disrespect him but trying to find out the root cause of all this?

Because if i should do something there should be a reason for it as a Sikh.


Sat Nam,

There is not reason for anything in this life unless you find it your self.
People who take Amrit generally need to feel that they can't live without that kind of a blessing in this life. If you have not reached that point yourself no problem but do not judge anyone who has.
Yes there are people who take it for no reason, or because someone tells them to ... it is unfortunate that they do. This kind of commitment needs to match the devotion and love for the Guru and not be made lightly.
All of those restrictions you are talking about are not restrictions to those who are looking for a life of discipline. For some people it is no longer interesting to run through life like a wild horse without direction or structure in their lives. The Guru offers the structure some souls need. If you don't find yourself in that position God bless you. You are just one of many.


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Why There Is Need To Take Amrit? (06/16/2010)
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