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Summary of Question:Where Do You Get The Advice You Offer From?!
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Monday, 3/12/2001 4:56 AM MDT

wjkk... wjkf!

i have just come across your forum for the 1st time & was made somewhat uneasy by the methods you employ in "helping" the sangat.

the point i wish to raise is in regards to the solutions you tend to offer, such as the reciting of a certain shabad "11 times a day..." to be done "as you take a 31 minute walk in a local park..." - this to me doesn't quite sound right!

i have a great deal of belief in sikhism & its many teachings - but when i read such advice offered by yourselves to our brothers & sisters, i am filled with a degree of sceptacism - after all, sikhism does not believe in ritualistic practices such as these. the guru's have passed down to us what is required to reach "enlightenment", & quite frankly your advice, when it takes the afore mentioned form, does not fit in with their teachings!

i am not a baptised sikh & by no means an expert in my religion (but who really is?!), so maybe i am wrong, & i hope you can forgive my error if this is the case & perhaps enlighten me - after all a sikh is someone who is learning, & i most certainly still am.

thank you for your time in dealing with my query.

Davinder Singh.
The teachings of the Sikh Gurus are a practical technology of living from day to day in this world of Maya.

The concept of "Ang Sang Wahe Guru" means...with every fiber of my being I feel, meditate and vibrate with Wahe Guru. This is not so much a 'religion' as a 'way of living'. You would really have to try practicing something to have an experience of the power of that which the Guru has given us in this life.

So, when are you going to start? Try reading the English translation of Jap Ji Sahib...out loud........daily........for 40 days. I could say "for the rest of your life"....but let us start with a time you might actually agree to and be successful in completing. This is one place to start.

You will find this translation at:
You were born into a faith. But it means nothing when you have no practice or experience.

God bless you,SKKK

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