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Summary of Question:Shabad
Date Posted:Friday, 10/02/2009 12:02 PM MDT

Dear Veerji,

SSA !!

Sometime back I had requested you for the recording of Yogiji. This is the lecture where he mentioned about a lady (in USA?) who got cured after reciting Shabad "Hun Avgunh Bhare Ek ..." at Amrit Vela. My desire is to listen to his lecture. If you could please help..for that particular audio/video file! A family member will be benefitted with this Sewa. Thanks. I shall be grateful.
Do you know the date of this lecture? Hard to find this without details.
You could contact the Kundalini Yoga LIBRARY OF TEACHINGS and see if anyone knows of this lecture.
I am sorry that I am not aware of this one.SK

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Shabad (10/02/2009)
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