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Summary of Question:Re; Masturbate Question
Date Posted:Tuesday, 12/30/2008 1:36 AM MST

Sat Sri Akaal Peter,

i first would like to welcome you to Sikhi.
you must understand the panch doot first, lust, anger, greeed pride and attachment. the whole point of becoming Amrit dhari is so that you can receive Naam, Nam can only reside in the body when the panch dooth are eliminated from the Body. so it if like preparing the body by cleaning yourself so that Naam can be welcomed. masturbation is a cause of lust and vice versa. you must learn how to prevent and control the panch doot. trust me it is possible. masturbation is an obstruction to getting Naam. you must know that when you become Amritdhari you are joing the Khalsa Panth (the Pure Family) and so you too must be Pure. so Masturbation is a big No see by mastubating, you are receiving short term physical pleasure. the point of being pure is so that we receive eternal spiritual and mental pleasure through the attainment of Naam. so it is for you and everyone else to decide do you want lust (masturbation) or Naam.
if you want to train yourself to resist the urge of masturbation, there is nothing you can do except surrender yourself to the Guru. literally go to Guru Granth Sahib Ji and beg of the Guru " Guru Sahib Ji please save me from lust, anger, greet attachment and pride". thats all you need to do. BUT you must do it with absolute commitment and surrender.
May the Guru command you away from these 5 evils.

Thank you very much for your input and sharing of your experience.

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Re; Masturbate Question (12/30/2008)
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