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Summary of Question:Sikh History- A Slight Confusion
Date Posted:Tuesday, 3/06/2001 2:36 PM MST

Please help i'm really confused over the story of the sikh matyr Bhai Taru Singh Ji as i have come across 3 conflicting texts on how he died. One says that he was eventually beheaded, another that his scalp was carved off and he died from the injuries straight after and another says that his scalp was cut of and he was thrown in a ditch where he lay for some days and that his shoe ultimately killed the man who had him executed. Can you clear this up for me please? thank you.

Bhai Taru SIngh died when his hairs could not be cut and so they took off his entire scalp. This is how he finished his life.

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Sikh History- A Slight Confusion (03/06/2001)
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