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Summary of Question:Liking Someone
Category:Love & Marriage
Date Posted:Sunday, 4/05/2009 7:01 PM MDT

gurfateh ji!

i'm very confused, bcs i like a boy (amritdhari)two months elder then me, i know a bit abt him. i really wanna know abt his feeling and heart, but he do call me `bhenji` i know that all our eldes r fatehrs and younger like children, and brothers of our age.
but what should i do? i don't understand if everybody around is our brother or sister, then who r one gonna marry?
i have never had such feeling before but know suddenly i have feeling and am eagerly waiting to know him. i don't know if he think same for me,.. but i want really to know if i have to wait for answer or shall iask directely...?
i am afraid to know the answer, ...what if it is NO,.... i don't know y i have become like this know? i am afraid if it is something NOT good...??
i don't my parents to be ashamed of me and shatter their trust, if i am wrong...
Dear one,
It is respectful to address someone who is a girl as "Bhenji". If you are interested in him then ask some one that you can trust with your confidence.....your brother? ......mother?......his parent?.......a Auntie or Unce that you trust..... to speak to him on your behalf and tell him of your interest in getting to know him with the possibility of marriage. SK

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Liking Someone (04/05/2009)
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