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Summary of Question:Mother Has Change-Of-Life Depression
Date Posted:Saturday, 6/20/2009 3:53 PM MDT

Sat Sri Akal Ji,

I am a 27 year old girl from Canada.
I am going through very stressful phase. But I am very well aware of the fact popular in sikhism "Nanak Dukhyia Sabh Sansar". I have faith in Baba ji and I do my path constantly. Besides having problems in my personal life my most important problem is increasing depression of my Mom. She is 48 and is going through menopausal depression. Everyone in my family, including my grandmom, dad and 1 brother, is trying their best to cope with her. But she is turning to be an extremely pessitimistic. Its becoming very difficult for me to handle her. I was wondering if there is any path that I can do for her health? She cries for no reason and fights with everyone for nothing. All she wants is everyone to agree with what her opinion is. It is getting on my nerves now. I'd appreciate any comments.Everyday I pray to Dhan Guru Nanak to bless the soul inside the body of a person who was destied to be a medium for me to enter this world. But as days pass her unreasonability is increasing. Its making me depressed as well. All I want is her to be at peace. She is taking Anti-depressants but they arent helping. Please help me!

Thank you for being someone whom I (along with other thousands)could look out for help and true advice.

Sat nam. I am menopausal. Call her doctor and take her to see the doc. There are medications for depression and for extreme hormonal imbalance that comes from menopause. They all have varying side effects, but sometimes we women need help getting through menopause; nothing has to be taken forever. Chances are she is not sleeping well and that really messes one up I know. There is no reason to be that miserable.
There are hundreds of self-help books on how to get through menopause gracefully, I recommend anything by Christiane Northrup. Mom needs to understand (1) she'll feel better and (2) it is OK to need medical help. There is no shame in this process, but it sounds like she feels ashamed. And finally, it's not your burden to bear. Be helpful but back off if she just won't help herself. And pray.
Guru ang sang,

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Mother Has Change-Of-Life Depression (06/20/2009)
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