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Summary of Question:Hurt
Date Posted:Thursday, 12/28/2000 3:20 AM MST


SatSriAkaal Khalsa Ji

Simple situation...i started taking this muslim girl as my sister...and now she is going out with a good friend of mine who is a hindu...i never had any problems...i feel that WAHEGURU heard my Ardas and thats when they started going out...anyways...this friend of mine sometime back tells me that i'm full of lust...touching female friends is my way of expressing friendship/affection...please note that i touched them only on their shoulders...or gave them a friendly hug...i have never been to a strip club by the Guru's grace eternal...i have been with girls as late as dead of the night watching movies...its all about trust...they trust me...i was so happy when they used to tell me that they feel protected in my company...since thats what a true Sikh is suposed to do...protect women or any weak one from harm...but now i feel hurt when he tells me that i am filled with lust...if i hold some girl's hand whom i like and be happy about it,its not lust,it can't be...there is no shortage of clubs in can hav

e sex anytime anywhere once one decides to go for it...and i never did anything thanks to Guruji...i'm deeply hurt by his baseless allegations which i proved to be totally false...just thought of coming to u for some solace...please do help out...i've been really nice to both of them and this is what i got in return :(

Greetings to you in the Name of God the light of every soul and in the Name of Guru the life of every Sikh.

Dear one, do you have any idea how many times one of the Guru's was slandered or falsely accused? This was an every day event for them. That is probably why the Guru said that "slander, slander, how I love slander, for it eats my karma".The Guru welcomed challenges....ate them for breakfast, lunch and dinner.:)

You can rest in the assurance that in your graciousness, you have attracted his guilt of having done those actions that your "friend" is accusing you to have done.

Greatness always attracts opposition. What you have expressed about your code of behevior with women is great and honorable. Rest assured that you can be grateful that you are you and not the one who is slandering you and falsely accusing you. God bless you and you bless him( your so called "friend") in his limitations.

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Hurt (12/28/2000)
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