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Summary of Question:Guru Gobind Singh
Category:Sikh History
Date Posted:Thursday, 1/14/2010 1:49 AM MST

waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fteh

i just wanted to ask about the wife of guru gobind singh ji and who were mata saheb deva ji n mata sundari ji kindly plz elaborate me with history of them.....
also a per my knowlege mata saheb kaur ji was guru gobind singh ji's wife but in one of a news papers of today both of them were mentioned as guru mehls....
kindly plz do tell me..........


Sat Nam,
The best way to get this information is to do some research on line. log on to SikhNet and go to Lifestyles tab to find sources.


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Guru Gobind Singh (01/14/2010)
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