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Summary of Question:Practices To Get Well And Get Married
Date Posted:Saturday, 5/30/2009 4:39 AM MDT

hi i am 29 yrs old unmarried sikh girl , i would like to know which shabad should i recite to regain normal health...............i have been suffering from endometrioisis since last 6 yrs. i have learnt reiki and is able to cop with the pain but now i want to get rid out of it completely. also i had deep seated fears from my childhood due to which i find it difficult to trust any one and get married due to stressfull marriage of my parents. i do japji sahib rehrass ahib kirtan sohila and rakhiys ke shabad daily but please suggest me which path and shabad i shuld do to overcome illness and to meet my soulmate.

my lifes mission is to be able to help others in leading a better life but before that i want to be strong enough. i have been given this shabad "thir gahr bai so ............" ewhich i am doing already.

i seek guidence so please reply.

Sat nam. Seems to me you are doing what you are supposed to do. Rest is up to God and Guru. Chant Jaap Sahib to help you release your fear. Let go of the idea of timing or whether or not you are good enough for marriage. Some people marry late in life (and be aware that endo can make it impossible to have children, not to say that's the case for you). Make sure you are doing everything medically possible to get well and keep up your practice. A sehej paath of Siri Guru Granth Sahib would be good for you. Guru ang sang,

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Practices To Get Well And Get Married (05/30/2009)
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