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Summary of Question:Problem
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Monday, 1/19/2009 11:10 AM MST

thanks for everything,for all knowledge u provide to all.from the questions i read and their answers i got to know that yoga is allowed in sikhism to keep oneself similar terms i want to know whether i can cure my dark circles by applying some home remedies or not .i think no because according to me i have got them due to my sins and i should leave it to if yoga is allowed to make oneself fit then this is allowed or not?plz clear my confusion whether i should leave it to GOD or not?

You might research why you have dark circles under your eyes. Do you get enough sleep? Are you eating too much caffine and taxing your kidneys? There is not pat answer. Everyone has problems. Try ayurveda or kundalini yoga and brighten up!

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Problem (01/19/2009)
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