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Summary of Question:Why Do We Cut The Langar With A Kirpan During Ardas?
Date Posted:Friday, 3/12/1999 4:18 PM MST

When we recite the ardas we ask Guru to bless the prasad and the langar. We don't cut the langar with a knife; we cut it with a kirpan. The root word of kirpan is kirpa, which means grace. We touch the langar and prasad with the kirpan, thereby passing Guru's Grace into it. Steel is a conductor of energy. Further, the energy of the steel also transfers to the langar and prasad, giving it that extra strength, tempered by the sweetness of the Anand. The blade is sharpened steel to give us the sharp edge of discrimination so that we can act wisely. We cover the langar and prasad to protect it. All the colors, or vibrations, of the universe are contained in white. That is why a white cloth is used.

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Why Do We Cut The Langar With A Kirpan During Ardas? (03/12/1999)
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